2006 Ford Five Hundred

  • 2006 Ford Five Hundred

    Ford Five Hundred
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    • Found rubbing type noise emanating from rear brakes when applied at low speeds. Brakes had been recently replaced elsewhere. Installed new brake pads and resurfaced brake rotors. Ensured concern resolved during test drive.
    • Replaced right front lower control am with itegral ball joint
    • Removed all four tires. Computer balanced all four tires for vibration, all tires were 1 to 2 oz off. Proceeded to then rotate all four. checked left front for flat. found bead was leaking, cleaned wheel and resealed bead. Torqued wheel down to 100 ft pounds and rechecked all tires at 35 psi
    • Performed four wheel alignment service. No additional resets or calibrations required
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